Breaking News:

AMASIA connects directly with domestic and international manufacturers!

AMASIA will represent a ‘Best in Class’ group of manufacturers augmenting the sales and marketing reach of the participating companies.

Executive Summary

AMASIA provides immediate sales channels through traditional retail, mass-merchandiser, specialty retail and on-line channels. In addition, strategic channel partnerships are created in B2B commercial sales with nation-wide builders, contractors and designers.

A key factor for the success alliance is the strategic pre-qualification of Best-In-Class manufacturers in selected categories. Each company ‘Best’ quality tiers. Competitive overlap is minimized in favor of expanding the total selection of products offered. The alliance structure lays the foundation for broader, more effective brand marketing, and supports valuable cross-marketing opportunities spanning multiple categories.

AMASIA increases the strategic value of our alliance manufacturers by making them an integral part of category mix management, price tiering, traffic generation, retail merchandising, brand building, sales promotion and new product development.

AMASIA is a forward-looking alliance with three inter-related objectives

Level One immediately expands the retail exposure of existing products through enhanced sales and marketing programs with retail, wholesale and on-line operators.

Level Two focuses on developing and building brand strength.

Level Three cycles market intelligence back to the alliance manufacturers to inform the development new products.

Current State

Many categories of imported products are disproportionately low-cost driven. The ‘race-to-the-bottom’ pricing approach has sacrificed product quality, severely undermined consumer perception and all but eliminated ‘satisfaction’ as a competitive dimension. The AMASIA manufacturer alliance capitalizes on these significant voids in the marketplace.

Conversely, luxury automobiles, quality apparel and even upscale food retailers have flourished in the current market and shown far less susceptibility to downturns in the general economy, demonstrating

that the market for ‘quality goods’ is historically more stable and provides much greater opportunities for growth than can be achieved in the low-cost, low quality market space.

Consumer demand for ‘quality’ is largely under-served. This creates significant opportunities in what has essentially emerged as a new marketplace. The AMASIA manufacturing alliance is establishing first-to-market dominance in this ‘new’ market space by raising – and satisfying – the consumer’s expectation for quality.

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