1. Access to the US Consumer Market:

The largest and most lucrative marketplace for consumer products on Earth provides the greatest opportunity for growth and profitability.

2. US Operational Footprint:

Affiliations with US Foreign Trade Zones provides tax incentives and exponentially expanded import/export opportunities.

3. US Strategic Footprint:

Established sales channels through AMASIA – a US corporation – represent a commercial safe-haven amidst growing trade-policy uncertainty.

4. Brand Dominance:

First-to-Market introductions of innovative new products create opportunities to establish leadership brands in both new and more-established categories.

5. Access to Multiple Sales Channels:

AMASIA has established supply chains for retail, wholesale and on-line re-sellers. Products entering the chain at any point can be promoted through all points.

6. Operational Support:

AMASIA overcomes the difficulties of marketing and selling products in the US. AMASIA provides assistance in setting up a US base of operations, from regulatory compliance to building an aggressive sales force, to targeted marketing and brand development, all of the essential skills necessary to succeed are available and administered through a common source with one mutual objective – to sell your products..

AMASIA Advantages

  • One Source for All Critical Business Support
  • Low Cost, Low Risk, High Return
  • Year Round Product Exhibition
  • Wholesale and Reta Customers
  • Online B2B and B2C Sales
  • Quarterly Buying Show Support
  • Long Term Relationship Building
  • Brand Development, Expansion and Management
  • Business Growth
  • Enhanced Opportunities in Global Markets
  • Scope & Boundaries

    The AMASIA Manufacturers Alliance is a voluntary program. However, acceptance and continued participation require strict adherence to universal goals and qualifications. Quality and price position must be maintained at all times. Brand program participation will not include competing manufacturers, nor violate existing patents, copyrights or intellectual property rights.

    All co-branding and co-manufacturing arrangements are explicitly defined by contract, with severability to include any violations of the Amasia participation mandates.

    AMASIA can at any time request documentation to substantiate product claims and certifications, and all alliance manufacturers agree to comply immediately.

    All products entering the AMASIA system must have complete Master Data (data includes price, description, bar-codes, weights and measures, materials, applicable certifications, etc.). This data will be used to populate databases for retail point-of-sale, on-line sales, purchasing, inventory, payables, sales tracking and forecasting.

    Inbound shipments without complete Master Data will be refused.

    AMASIA alliance participants always represent “Best-In-Class” leadership in their respective industries. This is the core promotional, sales and marketing attribute that encompasses all products produced and distributed through the AMASIA Manufacturers Alliance.