Goal/KPI How The Programme Will Contribute
Increased Retail Activity Providing more desirable products at competitive prices increases the frequency of store visits and motivates increased purchasing.
Increased Consumer Trust ‘Quality first’ positioning as a major brand attribute to re-align consumer expectations and build loyalty.
Brand Awareness & Brand Strength A two-prong approach. One, marketing the brand as a moniker representing the quality/price position, recognizing that a brand is a set of expectations, not simply identification. Two, combining products from multiple manufacturers where appropriate to complete the offering and assume the dominant position in the category.
Increase Profitability Fundamentally, the AMASIA manufacturers alliance exists to increase the profitability of its partners by creating and capitalizing on new opportunities to sell better merchandise at higher margins to a grossly under-served segment of high-income consumers.

Increase Export Opportunities Through the use of Foreign Trade Zones in the US, participating manufacturers can reduce costs and lead times for shipping to the US, Europe and South America. Cross-docking at an FTZ warehouse allows participants to combine orders and avoid LTL costs. This dramatically increases the base of potential buyers who can now purchase whole categories of product rather than single SKUs.
Expand Consumer Touch-Points Increasing the number of physical retail store fronts, and providing on-line access to all merchandise. Maximizing the total number of points of sale.
New Product Development Identifying and monitoring steering trends driving each category. Developing new products that increase visibility and reputation of the brand. Achieving first-to-market position with high-interest, high appeal products.