Critical Success Factors

1. Manufacturer allies adhere to Quality Assurance standards in product manufacturing. Products sold through AMASIA must comply with all certifications for quality, safety, efficiency, recyclability or other certifications that identify ‘Best-In-Class’ products. Certifications such as Underwriter’s Laboratory, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Energy Star require validation by third party testing agencies.

Similarly, alliance partners will avoid lead, cadmium, VOC’s or other materials identified as hazardous to public health. AMASIA alliance participants seek to employ and promote environmentally sustainable practices and continuously promote this as a key Brand Attribute of the products produced.

2. AMASIA develops and deploys improved and expanded sales opportunities for products. These efforts include direct sales efforts with retail operators, and also brand marketing and product development. Collectively, these efforts increase total product facings, square footage and store door count.

3. AMASIA aggressively markets alliance products through on-line channels. These include the deployment of stand-alone e-commerce web sites as well as listing products on high volume third party e-commerce sites including and

4. At all times, costs will be intelligently managed to ensure sufficient margin exists for retail outlets to remain competitive and to continually motivate high-volume repeat purchasing.

A) Retail Strategies encompass the range from in-store merchandising up through complete ‘store-within-a-store’ vignettes showcasing products in a dedicated, uniquely designed space within the host retail environment.

B) Brand Marketing includes development of new brands, brand refresh and existing brand re-alignment and augmentation.

C) Product Development utilizes market knowledge and trend identification to achieve first-to-market advantage with new, innovative and redesigned products.

Delivery Strategy

AMASIA promotes sales in the Americas through a dedicated sales force creating new opportunities for the alliance participants. This sales force develops new brick-and-mortar as well as on-line sales channels through a wholesale-direct purchasing relationship.

AMASIA develops retail selling space within appropriate retail formats; outlet malls, in-store vignettes and free-standing displays. From branded store fronts to retail departments to C-Store counter-top displays and peg-programs, AMASIA works to expand the total selling footprint for alliance products.

In addition, AMASIA helps to coordinate promotions, events, marketing and advertising. AMASIA will administer co-op marketing material and funds to brand the retail environment and to drive traffic to stores and sites.

Cross-merchandising is an essential component of delivering buyers and consumers. Each category will be supported with adjacent categories to maximize purchase opportunities per customer.