Did you know all iPhones and iPads are made in China but an iPhone that sells for over $1,000 earns less than $10 for the Chinese suppliers?

Did you know a pair of Nike shoes is a value proposition that brings in $80 to the eponymous firm but its Chinese contractors gets less $2 for all its sweat and toil?

Did you know Walmart sources over 90% of its merchandises from outside of the US, but these manufacturers are ‘hidden’ behind Walmart’s brands, and are never able to build their own reputation in the US market?

You’ve dreamed about selling your high-quality products in the US, the World’s largest consumer marketplace.But working as a supplier to established US retailers is sadly, a nonstarter. Your
products carry another company’s name, are priced by those who don’t support your long term interests, and contribute to a stronger bottom line – for someone else.

Maximize Your Sales and Profits with AMASIA!

AMASIA helps international businesses enter the US market. We recognize that many small to mid-size businesses have limited experience with US retailing, and receive a very small share of the profits made from their products. Many barely cover the cost of production, while the majority of profits are made by importers, distributors and retailers.

AMASIA allows businesses to sell directly to US consumers through ‘Intelligent Consignment’. By removing the middlemen, businesses can enjoy the greatest possible share of the profits.

Direct Sales = Less Cost = More Profits

Advantages of Intelligent Consignment:

  • Less Investment
  • Less Risk
  • More Business
  • More Profit


  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Capital Investment
  • No Risk
  • No Employee Cost
  • No Insurance Cost
  • No US Business License Required
  • No Marketing Cost

The US Market:

AMASIA will soon cover all 50 states. We select the best locations to reduce costs and generate higher returns. We focus on the US for several reasons:

  • Largest market for consumer goods, highest GDP
  • Lowest unemployment in 18 years
  • More people working, more buying power
  • The Retail Federation reports 4.5% increase in brick & mortar sales

Concerns About Trade Wars:

Tariffs raise the cost of imported goods.To remain competitive, smart businesses need a way to offset these effects.

AMASIA provides a strategy to by-pass middlemen like importers and distributors and eliminate retail operational costs like rent, employees, utilities, licensing and insurance. By eliminating these add-on costs, your products can remain competitively priced, while still generating more profits for you.

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to sell your own brands. Because you, as the business owner, can control cost and quality, you can choose a strategic price position and dominate that market space to maximize your sales and profits.

How Intelligent Consignment works:


  • Your business delivers product to an AMASIA Consolidation Warehouse
  • This allows you to save on shipping smaller orders to the US. There is no need to fill an entire container.
  • AMASIA assists with customs and clearances
  • AMASIA combines orders from many vendors. You save on shipping costs.

North America:

  • AMASIA moves the product to a US warehouse
  • AMASIA sets up storefronts – at no additional cost to the vendors
  • AMASIA deploys a sales force for bulk and wholesale orders

Qualification & Validation Process:

  • Vendor submits Application, provides company information
  • Vendor submits catalog of products
  • Vendor submits all product data (specifications, materials, certifications, costs, etc.
  • After approval, the vendor is required to pay the first year’s fees within 15 days of contract signing

Vendors are approved based on meeting the AMASIA Price & Quality standards. Vendors already selling to the US market will be better positioned to meet these requirements, which gives them an immediate competitive advantage. The only risks would come from failing to maintain quality standards

AMASIA standards are non-negotiable

This protects both our vendors and customers. We will select only 30 vendors, the ‘Best of the Best’, and avoid overlapping product categories. AMASIA also requires ‘Hold Harmless’ agreements from all businesses to minimize liability.

Expand Your US Business with AMASIA!