New Capabilities

AMASIA is revolutionizing the purchasing and distribution of manufactured goods. Centralized purchasing of AMASIA alliance goods increases the efficiency of the retailer’s supply chain which provides a distinct competitive advantage.

Similarly, combined shipping and distribution reduces operational costs and allows AMASIA participants to serve a much greater number of retail buyers who might not choose to order in full-container increments.

The ability to import, warehouse and manufacture goods inside a Foreign Trade Zone provides the advantages of faster order fulfillment time, a US base of operations, and special tax deferrals.

Brand Mastery is a key strategic driver of the program. Top performing brands are expanded to include adjacent products from other alliance participants.

For example, an established high-quality cookware brand can be expanded to include utensils, flatware, glassware and linens from other manufacturers in the alliance.

The brand owner benefits by having a more complete, category dominant position. The secondary manufacturers benefit from the established brand equity of the parent

Where no such brand exists, AMASIA will work with alliance participants to develop and market new brands.

In-store marketing includes cross-merchandising and visual merchandising support. AMASIA alliance partners are able to exercise more direct control of this critical area of consumer-facing exposure, rather than relying on the inconsistent product knowledge and marketing effectiveness of a variety of retail operators.

On-line marketing consolidates and amplifies the individual marketing efforts of alliance partners. The on-line marketplace provides a platform to showcase product information, demonstration videos, etc., and can present the total product line independent of geography or retail coverage. The on-line environment allows in-depth brand articulation and promotion, and increases consumer awareness of all adjacent items offered under the brand umbrella.

AMASIA offers Consumer Warranty protection for certain product categories. Such warranties are offered as a value-added up-sell to provide an additional consumer purchase incentive.

AMASIA requires alliance manufacturers to support the program as a vital component of marketing their products in the USA. Each alliance manufacturer maintains quality control in both materials and workmanship to prevent the need to service warranty claims.

The objective being to market the warranty as a credible brand attribute rather than an operational function.