Strategic Objectives

AMASIA allows retailer operators to source product more effectively. AMASIA provides alliance members with a knowledgeable, pro-active Sales and Marketing partner to create new opportunities with more outlets.

Maintaining the alignment of product quality to the price position of the retailer allows more efficient purchasing. New products are introduced based on historic trends affecting core and adjacent categories, reducing risk and shortening time-to-market. Niche brands can be expanded to include related products from other alliance participants to build greater brand strength and marketing opportunities.

AMASIA elevates its manufacturer partners to a strategic ‘market driver’ position, engaged at every critical touch point of the product/sales cycle.

Change Drivers

Driving forces that influencing the need for action

Driver Priority Origin
Price Competition High The market is over-saturated with low-cost providers of low-quality merchandise. There is insufficient opportunity for marginal growth in this price tier.
Quality Competition High This arena is under-served. ‘Quality’ as a competitive position has been largely neglected. This creates multiple opportunities to ‘raise the bar’ of consumer preference and brand dominance across many categories.
Consumer Trust High Trust is currently very low for imported goods, but is historically important for US consumers. The high ground is vacant in many product categories.
PEST Climate (Political, Economic, Social &
High Current policy leans toward reducing foreign imports. An FTZ ‘footprint’ in the US provides safe haven from regulatory and policy shifts.
Retail ‘Degradation of Expertise’ High Retailers bound by low margins struggle to find new ways to attract consumers. AMASIA provides the strategic and hands-on expertise in retail execution and product innovation to create higher margin sales opportunities in new markets.
Brand Insignificance High Low brand strength and niche branding dilute the market. US consumers are more willing to trust leadership brands they recognize, especially with higher dollar purchases.
Upgrading the Shopping Experience High Consumers seek gratification. Not only the product, but the purchase experience itself must demonstrate some relevance to their lifestyle. Alliance Manufacturing allows flexibility, growth and greater control in the consumer-facing arena.
Long-Term Manufacturer Relationships High The climate of low-cost low-quality reduces growth opportunities. Quality products and service increase growth opportunities. AMASIA develops strategic synergies among Alliance Manufacturers specifically geared toward long-term, sustainable economic growth.