AMASIA is experiencing rapid growth. The current growth plan anticipates adding one new major alliance manufacturer/vendor participant per month throughout the upcoming year, with an equal or greater number of smaller/affiliated manufacturers who produce accessory items to the major categories (e.g. Major producer – kitchen appliances. Affiliate producers – cookware, counter-top appliances, softlines).

Timing is governed by several variables: First is the ability of the major producer to qualify and validate production capacity, quality, pricing and features to build a solid competitive position for the category. Simultaneously, AMASIA will concentrate on the acquisition of affiliate producers to complete the category offering from the perspective of ‘Optimal Retail Presentation’, how the total category offering will be displayed in the consumer-facing purchase environment.

Secondly, a plan will be solidified for in-store merchandising materials, signage, brochures samples, swatches, demos, etc. These are critical considerations in qualifying alliance manufacturers. If no appropriate marketing materials exist, AMASIA will arrange for production utilizing co-op marketing funds from the manufacturers/vendors.

Third, logistic considerations such as combined shipping and warehousing will be addressed. A primary advantage to working through the AMASIA is the cost reduction achieved through more efficient logistics management. AMASIA maintains warehousing facilities both within and outside of Foreign Trade Zones for specific purposes. For example, an FTZ location is ideal for importing and light manufacturing, while conventional warehousing may be the better choice for cross-docking and regional distribution.

The time table for these preliminary steps is set between 60-90 days. Simultaneously, AMASIA in conjunction with the manufacturers, conducts extensive sales efforts to maximize the number of re-seller opportunities, whether conventional store doors or on-line. AMASIA establishes supply chain relationships whether direct, through 3rd party distributors, or through AMASIA subsidiary outlet stores and on-line sales (B2B & B2C).

In every case, these details are fully resolved prior to products being shipped. AMASIA will not accept merchandise into a US warehouse if any product or transactional details are in question. High-performing alliance participants will not tolerate legal exposure, financial loss or unnecessary delays caused by low-performing manufacturers.

The AMASIA Manufacturers Alliance is based on a mutual commitment to compete and win in the marketplace based on the collective strength and reciprocal expectation that all participants comply at the 100% level.